Contract Packing Services

Our reputation for working with great pride, diligence and passion is now established. Yet, there was one area where, despite numerous requests, we were unable to help; Pack Fulfillment.

So to meet the demands of our clients, we offered a fulfillment service where we could take our packaging and our clients products and build the finished sets to our usual high standard.

Now we offer:

  • A complete service; from packaging design right through to fulfillment. This is a unique service that has become highly valued by our clients
  • A packing service performed by highly experienced and permanent staff
  • A 100,000 square foot production and high-bay warehouse facility
  • A secure facility that features an eight foot palisade perimeter fence, a secure access system as well as internal and external CCTV
  • A fully computerised warehouse management system
  • Stock movements controlled by RF scanners for up to the minute stock information
  • Full transaction reporting and audit trail information
  • A full distribution service, from one case to multiple pallets, to any destination in the UK and Europe

We have squared the circle. Our packaging fulfillment service now allows our clients to source all of their packaging and packing requirements from one company, safe in the knowledge that the production of each component and process is being carefully managed by our team of in-house experts.