Integrated Pack Solutions

Undeniably, the retail sector is fiercely competitive and no more so than at Christmas. Exclusive designs, specially developed products and specific gift sets are all developed for retail opportunities that can be limited in the time the packs sit on-shelf.

Our Integrated Pack Solutions offer has been specifically developed to remove the time, expense and risk that our clients usually associate with the development of seasonal packaging. We do this by:

  • Offering an expertise in many packaging components, including folding cartons, transparent packaging, vacuum formings, rigid boxes, swing tickets and labels.
  • Developing a deep understanding of your brief and ultimate requirements. We will, if requested, attend meetings with the retailers on our clients behalf to ensure that our understanding of the brief is as comprehensive as possible.
  • Design multi-component packaging that meets all parts of your brief. From protecting the product to ensuring that the packaging will withstand your chosen distribution channel, our packaging is designed to fulfill your brief in all areas. Unlike a traditional packaging manufacturer, we take full responsibility for the packaging we supply, right the way through to it reaching the shelves.
  • Designing packaging that is easy to pack and fill. Whilst we won’t ever blunt the creativity of our designers, we understand that the easier a pack is to work with in production, the cheaper the fulfillment costs.
  • Ensuring that all components are designed to work in unison with each other. By designing all components during one design process (rather than our clients sourcing all components separately) we remove the risk of producing packaging components that do not fit together.
  • Managing artworks to ensure that the finished packaging exactly meets our clients expectations.
  • Ensuring that all packaging arrives on one delivery date, ensuring that our clients can better manage their cashflow.
  • Ensuring that the delivered volumes of packaging are consistent, ensuring that our clients do not receive packaging components that they do not need and cannot use.
  • Offering a comprehensive pricing policy, resulting in our clients receiving one invoice for all packaging delivered and all origination costs incurred. This saves our clients time and money by not having to spend time reconciling invoices later on.
  • Offering a packing service to compliment our packaging; we can arrange to have our packaging delivered to our own designated packer, who will then, with the free issue of our clients products, pack the finished sets and deliver to our clients chosen destination.

Ultimately, no other business understands Retail packaging like we do – we are specialists in our field and take enormous pride in the services and products that we supply.