Luxury Folding Cartons

As the saying goes ‘You can’t be all things to all men’. In the packaging industry we certainly understand this to be true and this is why we have undergone an unparalleled process to build a supplier network that can accommodate all of our clients requirements, large or small, so that New Vision Packaging can be all things to all me.

From basic 4 colour print to the most complex designs imaginable, we have suppliers that can meet the highest standards that we impose on them. We insist that our suppliers:

  • Carry the BRC/loP accreditation for direct-contact food packaging
  • Have FSC-accreditation for the supply of folding cartons using materials that can be traced back to source
  • Are approved by all of the major supermarkets and retailers
  • Invest in their machinery and, more importantly, their people
  • Offer both conventional and UV litho printing
  • Print using 5, 6 and 7 colour presses with in-line varnishing
  • Cut, crease and glue in-house
  • Offer both embossing and foil blocking processes
  • Have dedicated QA and QC procedures to ensure that the quality of packaging produced is constantly monitored

More importantly, we insist that our suppliers understand that we have to work in partnership to offer our clients the very best service and quality. We recognise that the role of new Vision Packaging is to design and manage the packaging that we offer. But we also realise that our reputation is dependent on the quality of packaging produced by our suppliers and this is why we only use suppliers that we have long-standing relationships with.