Packaging Management

The pressures on packaging in a modern retail environment are immense. Not only does the packaging have to protect, enhance and promote the products enclosed within it, but with so many stake-holders interested in the final packaging design, packaging can be the single biggest challenge when getting a new product to market.

New Vision Packaging recognises and understands these challenges. With an in-depth knowledge of retail packaging, we will:

  • Use our team of packaging experts to manage the process from development to production and final delivery of your packaging.
  • Develop a strong understanding of your specific requirements to ensure effective communication throughout every process.
  • Assess the best solution to promote any given product whilst, at the same time, ensuring that the packaging is fit-for-purpose and will reach the shelf in first class condition.
  • Ensure that the pack has been engineered to use as little packaging as possible to ensure that it meets the current environmental thinking
  • Ensure that the packaging uses the most modern and suitable materials as well as materials that are environmentally-friendly.
  • Embark on a rigorous tender process using trusted suppliers, to ensure that the best commercial propositions are achieved without compromising quality. By carrying out this process on every project we know that our prices are often lower than those offered to our clients direct by packaging manufacturers.
  • Work as our clients partners throughout any project by assessing and advising on design and artwork, completing transit tests where required and working with our suppliers to ensure that packaging is delivered on-time, in full and to the very highest quality.
  • Attending all first print runs and if requested, all first production runs to ensure that the packaging we deliver exceeds our clients expectations every time.
  • Sourcing only from factories that we consider experts in their fields; many packaging companies offer additional services but these are often bolt-ons to their core business. At New Vision Packaging, all of the products and services we offer are sourced from companies that produce these products and services as their core business.

We are packaging experts and that is why many of our clients choose to use our services as if we were their own, sub-contracted, packaging technology department, saving them time and direct costs by not having to recruit and employ their own in-house packaging and purchasing specialists.