Services & Products

Packaging Management

We are packaging experts and that is why many of our clients choose to use our services as if we were their own, sub-contracted, packaging technology department, saving them time and direct costs by not having to recruit and employ their own in-house packaging and purchasing specialists. read more

Integrated Pack Solutions

Our Integrated Pack Solutions offer has been specifically developed to remove the time, expense and risk that our clients usually associate with the development of seasonal packaging. read more

Packaging Design Service

Good quality packaging starts with quality design and, at New Vision Packaging, we are experts at design Retail Packaging Solutions to ensure that our clients products deliver the very highest shelf impact. read more

Luxury Folding Board Cartons

From basic 4 colour print to the most complex designs and finishes imaginable, we have suppliers that can meet the highest standards that we impose on them. read more

Transparent Packaging

Plastic has come a long way since PVC and being the UK agent for Scatolificio Cristina, we can secure fantastic prices and fast turnaround times. read more

Vacuum Formed Inserts, Clam Packs and Shelf Ready

Products often need to be secured by additional, internal packaging and we must ensure that our packaging is developed so that all components work in harmony with each other. read more

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes offer a great solution for the production of high end presentation and gift packaging. read more

Swing Tickets and Printed Labels

Swing tickets and tags are the industry standard for displaying product information economically and easily. read more

Contract Packing Services

Our packaging fulfillment service now allows our clients to source all of their packaging and packing requirements from one company, safe in the knowledge that the production of each component and process is being carefully managed by our team of in-house experts. read more

The Finest Customer Service in the UK Today!

Ours is a business that recognises the importance of supplying the very highest level of service to our clients. We understand that, without our clients, our business will fail and this is why we deliver a service level that results in our clients coming back to us time and time again.