Vacuum Formed Inserts, Clam Packs and Shelf Trays

Not all the packs we are asked to design and produce are simple, one-piece, constructions, as much of the work we carry out is destined for the seasonal gift markets. This might be a Christmas Gift pack to hold fragrance products or an Easter Egg pack for a major supermarket. Products often need to be secured by additional, internal packaging and we must ensure that our packaging is developed so that all components work in harmony with each other and to ensure this, we have developed a wide supply base of vacuum formers.

This allows us to offer:

  • Prototype sampling, free-of-charge, with unrivalled lead times for first samples
  • Advice and design input in to every prototype to ensure that our solutions are the right solutions
  • Competitive tooling costs, with tooling starting from as little as £800.00
  • A developed Europe-wide supplier base so that we can produce a range of volumes, from a few hundred to millions of vac forms
  • Factories that are approved to ISO and BRC/loP standards
  • Factories that have  invested in their facilities, machinery and people so that our offer is constantly improved and developed upon for the benefit of our clients
  • Production in recycled PET, virgin PET, Polystyrene and other specialist materials

Our packaging solutions need to be fully integrated and every component is as important as the next. This is why, to our clients these plain pieces of plastic might not seem important but, to us, we know they can often be critical to the success or failure of our packaging. This is why we have developed our understanding of these components to an unrivaled level, to the point where members of the New Vision team have been recruited directly from this sector of the packaging industry.