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Understanding the latest packaging shortages

Understanding the latest packaging shortages

And why New Vision Packaging can help….

As you might have heard, the packaging industry has been in a bit of turmoil of late – you’ve probably read about shortages of various materials and price hikes driving inflation on the news. So why has it been happening and what’s causing it?

Initially, the pandemic shut down the global economy for a while, which meant containers carrying materials around the world were all in the wrong place when finally trade started again. On top of that, we’ve had Brexit affect UK borders, and of course the Panama Canal was blocked for a while, which made things worse for a time. Today, shipping containers are costing ten times pre-pandemic levels and there is no sign of relief, so the goods being shipped are going up in price to compensate for the increased transportation costs.

On top of this, consumers around the world moved online for their shopping when lockdowns meant limited visits to supermarkets and high streets. Products delivered through e-commerce channels often require new packaging designs and in addition, high volumes of boxes were also needed for transit to our homes.

Finally, when we could all go shopping again, the boom times were back, and demand has basically outstripped supply of goods as supply chains are running on empty. This has pushed up material prices around the world, and now we have the festive period upon us, where we normally see an uplift in retail sales. Along with shortages of workers for various industries due to Covid and Brexit, it’s all a bit of a perfect storm for the packaging industry.

So, what does that mean for your packaging supply?

At New Vision Packaging, we truly care about our customers. We take pride in ensuring our packaging creates smiles, and we care about the service we provide too.

Thankfully, we are in a unique position. All the above challenges have seen many packaging suppliers having to let down customers, offer short orders, or highly extended lead times; in some cases, many months (sometimes 6 months!) are now being quoted for deliveries.

Our team has worked hard to build a robust supply chain over many years. We work with a number of partners in Europe to secure high quality cartons, boxes and sleeves, and work with a dedicated haulier who efficiently manages Brexit border challenges. This means that we are still maintaining our 9-week lead time commitment on standard materials. In the past 18-months, like any good outsourcing company, we’ve extended and reinforced our supply-chain to make sure we can withstand the challenges caused by these global headwinds.

Our team simply cares, and we know you need a packaging supply partner who’s there for you when times get tough. Talk to us today to see how we can support your packaging needs, and let our packaging create those smiles for you again!

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