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Transparent packaging – The benefits are ‘Clear’

‘BOARD’ With current Lead Times?

New Vision Packaging pride ourselves on great customer service, offering excellent prices for quality products. We are currently working with all of our carton suppliers to minimise the impact of the current board shortages and they, in turn, are working with the mills to find the best alternatives and solutions to ensure all our clients needs are met.

This current board shortage crisis, however, is not looking to improve any time soon and with increased lead times as well as a 25 to 40% price increase in one year already, it might be the perfect opportunity to look at all of the other packaging materials New Vision can offer.

Another option would be to look at producing your carton packaging in PET. Plastic has come a long way since PVC and being the UK agent for Scatolificio Cristina, we can secure fantastic prices and fast turnaround times on a range of transparent packaging.


  • APET is made primarily from natural gas feedstock, and it guarantees a better aesthetic look than PVC because it is more transparent, especially when printed from the inside.
  • PET is a more ecological material as it’s production requires less energy than PVC.
  • RPET is used more than any other plastic now and is produced from previously used plastic products (85% plastic bottles) that would otherwise end up in landfill.
  • More use of PET creates a demand for recycled plastic, so, not only does it look fantastic, it is environmentally friendly too.
  • RPET is a perfectly hygienic material, even suitable for food contact. It’s printability and finish are therefore comparable to those of APET.
  • RPET has been praised by the market because of its ecologic awareness as well as aesthetic factors. New one-pass production crease, saving time & money…


  • Innovative Packaging Solutions
  • Extensive Knowledge of the Industry
  • Packaging BRC/IoP Certificated
  • Approved to ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Free Design and Colour Mock-up service
  • Modern Production Equipment
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Cost Effective
  • Sales offices throughout Europe
  • Exportation all around the globe
  • Quality print in both Silk Screen & Litho
  • Highest Level of Customer Services

MICRO-PERF CREASE – New technology in creasing

As the exclusive UK agent for Scatolificio Cristina of Italy, New Vision Packaging can announce the UK launch of their new ‘Micro-perf’ Crease technology.

This new ‘Micro-perf’ technology offers the same performance and ease of use as a traditional HF Soft Crease but, due to it’s simple one-pass production method, ‘Micro-perf’ offers a significant cost advantage.

Suitable for both hand assembly and machine-erection, ‘Micro-perf’ saves time by being easier and quicker to assemble, thus saving both contract fillers and brand owners time and money.

Traditional Smart-line Creases are aesthetically poor but ‘Micro-Perf’ offers all of these advantages in a thin, attractive crease that will be pleasing to anyone with an interest in design and marketing.


  • Micro-perf technology
  • Stable & long lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • One-Pass production


  • Ease of assembly and erection
  • Suitable for hand and machine erection
  • Reduced packaging and packing costs
  • Lower origination costs

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